what NOT to get

More on the don’t want front…today I found this blog post on the blog Simple Mom. I’m experiencing a magnetic pull to anything with simple in the title. Throw in the cute little baby chucks in the blog header and a post about stuff you DON’T need, and I’m a fan for life. A couple of the items had already been laughed off when seen on various registry guides (a wipe warmer? really? your baby’s little booty is going to be just fine with wipes of room temperature), but there were definitely some reassurances that I needed i.e. forgo the diaper pail. It’s amazing the range of feedback you’ll get when asking other recent mom’s about this little device and this one little mention on the don’t need list was enough to push me over to that side of the fence.

I also found this amazing maternity series with weekly photos and now of course am completely sucked in wanting to read every post. Not to mention my obsession with Cole’s fantastically fit arms. She’s one hot preggo! Their daughter was born in July 2009, so she’ll be one right about the time our little lovely enters the world. I must admit, as much as I try to be content with who I am and what I have, I often get quite envious of others, and the photo shoots, American Apparel wardrobe and bangin’ body of this woman are not helping.

PS Is Burnt Toast slowly morphing into a mom blog? Am I barely half way to birth and already obsessing way too much about every little baby thing? Perhaps.


One thought on “what NOT to get

  1. Laura Brown

    Sarah, Trust me . . . I’m being completely serious . . . the wipe warmer is actually a solid investment. Wipes at room temp are way colder than booty temp and using one is a little like applying a mild shock to your babe’s tenderest zone.

    Things that were superfluous: the crib. Seriously. My kids all slept with me until about 6 months. Easier to just roll over and pop a boob in their mouth at 2:37 a.m. than to get out of the warm bed, sit somewhere to nurse, and then be fully awake by the time the baby’s back to sleep.

    The thing I really hated about baby stuff (and which I think is actually better now) is that it usually came in either pastel or primary colors, neither of which was aesthetically appealing.


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