baby room love

This baby room is kickin’ ass and taking names. I would move into it right now. Except that it’s in Chicago. And as amazing as that city is, I could never live somewhere with such a wicked winter. I’m bitching enough about the mild 30’s and handful of snow days here. But the room is simply adorable, and even though it’s for a little boy it could totally be rocked for a girl. The vintage touches are especially exciting. That repurposed Schweppes box holding diapers on the wall? Who knew rows of diapers could look so rad. It has a bookshelf feel and that makes it super great. I’m also head over heels for the glider cushions. They must be handmade. Oh and so much more! The swervy limey lamp! The birdie painting! Even the sock monkey gets me, and I’m not into sock monkeys. Still don’t feel that I’ve entered the official nesting phase, but I am slowly becoming obsessed with baby crap.


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