baby room

Yesterday we began to tackle the arduous task of registering. We found a registry guide on The Bump and proceeded to peruse the list while locating desirable items at Target and Amazon, both of which have a plethora of baby bootie for reasonable prices. Making our way through the guide we grew increasingly overwhelmed – there’s just so much crap you have to get and it’s practically impossible to determine which of the 852 different items are the best. Customer reviews help, but we suppose the rest is trial and error. Anxiety aside, it’s also quite fun and perhaps the most fun was deciding on a color scheme. It took some serious searching of various design and decor sites and blogs, but we’ve finally decided on turquoise and orange! Loving bursts of warmth from orange – both bold and yellowy – against a cool blue. Plus it’s fairly gender neutral and can be kept up should we have a boy later. Now we just have to find the goods to go with the theme. Fun with the interweb! These baby rooms are just so lovely:

image from: a little sussy

image from: me and wee

image from: project nursery


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