There’s this thing called a babymoon. It’s a new concept to me and rightly so since this is my first baby. I’m still not entirely sure I get it. I mean, the concept is clear, you simply plan a pre-baby getaway with your lovey. But just the name makes me think it should come after baby. Like a honeymoon comes after the wedding? But I guess the honeymoon comes before the official start of married life so the babymoon should come before the official start of baby life, but wouldn’t you be more in need of a getaway after a few weeks (or months) of adjusting to a newborn and if so, then wouldn’t a babymoon better serve it’s purpose a bit after baby? HUH?!?

Yes, I went through all this internal debate and then dragged Pete into the whole mess. We went all the way from a quiet beach weekend pre-baby to a big NYC trip post baby and took several detours along the way. Much of the debate arose from the limits that pregnancy places on a mother-to-be and how this would affect the outcome of a vacation i.e. no drinking. Of course I’m not saying that I couldn’t have a brilliant vacation without booze, but I feel certain destinations would be better enjoyed with the ability to imbibe, hence NYC being in the post-baby category. If we’re going to drop a bunch of cash, of which we don’t have a bunch, on a big city trip, we’re clearly going to want some night life and that just begs for beverage accompaniment. The beach seemed a bit on the boring side (though I am determined to rock a bikini at least once during my third trimester!) and better slated for a relaxing repose somewhere down the road.

Enter Asheville, NC. For five years we’ve lived just three hours away from this awesome artsy town nestled in the magnificent mountains of our home state, and I’ve been once, for a whopping half day. It was just enough time to eat some food, drink a beer, visit a shop and go to some dude’s house to buy for Pete the Giant road bike we found on craigslist. I’ve wanted to return ever since. Driving distance, affordable, beautiful, kickass food, super shopping, hiking, music, art, and an adorably tacky room at a cozy B&B complete with excessive toile and a pink chair?! Perfect! Of course, there are a few Ashevillian things that, like NYC, will be sadly left out of my agenda – tasting tours and treacherous hikes to name two – but all the rest is peachy keen and we’re super psyched. The vaca is booked for late May, just two tiny weeks after Pete completes his first Half Ironman. He’s a badass.

On the Ironman note, in addition to being a badass, he’s also a looney bin. Yesterday after pedaling it out on the trainer for about an hour, he chose to immediately swap shoes and head outside for a 50 minute run in mid twenty temps and 30 mph winds. Now, I’m a runner – much less now with baby in belly – but preggo or not, my wussy ass couldn’t be paid to run in that. I do so admire his dedication.

Here’s our room at the Oakland Cottage B&B:


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