it’s a girl!

The results are in, folks – we’re going to have a daughter! We are so ridiculously happy and madly in love with this baby. She’s all good and healthy and normal – organs, parts, heartbeat, size – and quite the little mover and shaker. We do have a name, but are still keeping that a secret. We may break down and share it soon enough, but until then y’all be patient! July is really not so far away and then it’s lookout world because this little girl is going to be amazing!

Ultrasound snappies:

she's a big foot, just like momma!

One thought on “it’s a girl!

  1. FlElders

    I am soooo excited for you both. Amazing how the ultrasound pics make them seem so much more ‘real’. Can’t wait for the official name reveal.



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