the way that he sings…

photo by cc baxter

He being Jim James of My Morning Jacket, and that being the title of one of their amazing songs. Yesterday, we bought tickets. Expensive tickets. Which is not something we do. Mostly because we’re broke. And cheap. But there are a few bands out there that are worthy for various reasons. MMJ is one such band and so when I opened my Booth Amphitheater newsletter expecting to sigh over another announcement of some fluffy festival featuring acts like Edwin McCain and Indigo Girls, I instead gasped as I read My Morning Jacket April 30th! Immediately emailed Pete and began mentally forming a list of justifications for the $35 ticket price (which of course turns into $45 by the time you’ve paid all the very reasonable and sound service fees). My push was “it will be my birthday present!” Tickets bought in Feb and a show in April for a March birthday makes perfect sense. But really, it had to happen because longevity of fandom, nostalgia, and fate were all playing a part…

Pete and I were introduced to MMJ by our pal Jimmy who was a cook at the restaurant I worked for during my senior year of college. Jimmy loved MMJ, raved about them, and shared their tunes with us. Just a few months later, we made the decision to go to Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN in June. This was back in 2004 when Bonnaroo tickets were still manageable at  $165 a pop. This year I think they’ve reached about $250. That’s $500 just for us to be there, not to mention the cost of travel and food and other festival goodies. We sadly may never go again, or at least not until we’re retired at which point we probably won’t like the music anyway. So we’re pretty fucking pleased that we got to go then because it was an amazing experience. We drove our 1966 carolina blue, split window microbus. It was totally farout. It rained like a son of a bitch on the second day and quickly became a major mudfest. We slept in the bus, ate camp food, drank beer, got dirty and enjoyed some seriously kickass music including (see my tangent is going somewhere!) My Morning Jacket. They were awesome. We’ll never forget that trip.

So we’ve covered longevity and nostalgia. Fate? This is a bit of a stretch, but back in December Pete sent me this link. It was a happy little trip down memory lane and after that we both bumped up our frequency of MMJ play. To then discover not two months later that they were coming to Cary? There’s definitely some cosmos at work there. So we did it. $90 later and we’re all set. Super excited. It better not fucking rain. Or maybe it should? For tradition.

PS We no longer own that microbus. Sadly had to sell it because we needed the money more than a third vehicle. At one point we (well, mostly Pete) also owned an ’84 Vanagon. We have some great memories from that too. And today Pete sent me a link to one for sale in Jacksonville, FL. Same year, same van, but beautiful black. Too bad it was sold already, or we might be on our way south tonight. Wouldn’t that make the most kickass mom vehicle? F you minivan, I’m rollin’ in my VW.


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