laundry love

Here in Elderland we share most of the household chores, taking turns to vacuum, clean bathrooms, groom dogs, and the like. There are certainly things that we each lean toward or are simply better at, or to take it a step further, that have caused minor breakdowns because Pete’s level of scrub down doesn’t always reach the supremely anal attention to detail that Sarah and her OCD require. This has been exacerbated by pregnancy and lead to a fit of tears in the master bathroom over a tub scrub fail and some dust behind the door. Completely comedic in hindsight, but not a laughing matter in the moment. Sarah’s already a tense person with often over the top emotions. Baby in belly has not helped. But back to the point of the post, the two chores that have remained solidly divided since our early days of premarital cohabitation are laundry and dishes. Even through the days of no dishwasher and visits to the laundromat, the line remained clearly drawn – Sarah washes clothes, Pete washes dishes. It’s not like a discussion was had one day during which we decided this. It just was and is and always will be. That’s not to say that Sarah absolutely never washes a dish or that Pete is clueless about operating the washer and dryer. There is the rare instance when we take on the other’s duty to help out. But Sarah pretty much detests dishes, and Pete’s a big fan of unfolded in the basket until you need it. So it goes. And it works. And on that note Sarah wants to brag about the lovely improvements Pete has made to her laundry room! Simple fixes to simplify her chore:

1. PVC bar for hang-dry clothes (we have a lot of those) and storage of random, but often used, jackets.

2. Shelf behind dryer to hold bags of bags – poop picker-upper plastic, reusable grocery and others.

3. Fold down ironing board. Our old ironing board attached to wall with swivel arm release for folding down perfectly in front of washer and dryer (credit due here to Pete because he does iron).

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