15 weeks

Check out that bump folks! Little Elder is not messing around in there. No siree bob, that youngin’ ain’t settling for a studio apartment, he/she is all about the penthouse. Plenty of room in there for our little navel orange sized baby. Yes, Sarah gets bigger by the minute and is officially out and obvious. “I see you’re expecting!” says woman that barely knows her. Well, yes ma’am I am. And a good thing or wouldn’t you feel silly?

We’ve entered a sort of cruise control stage where not much of note is happening. Sarah seems to be her normal self, expanding abdomen and voracious appetite aside. No major mood swings, fatigue, or other unfortunate symptoms to speak of in the last 2 – 3 weeks (hallelujah!). And as we mentioned previously the next big milestone is the ultrasound on 2/9. Until then we’ll gladly sit back and enjoy some calm and normalcy. As long as we keep her fed. Otherwise back off. You’ve been warned. That should be a villain in a comic book. Run for your lives! It’s Hungry Prego! AHHHHHH.

One thing we might should start to at least consider is what we’re going to do with the baby room (we prefer this to nursery. because nursery sounds like there should be a bundle of little babies there. or plants). Our home currently has two bedrooms, both of good size, and the second will double as a guest room and baby room. It’s plenty big enough for this and we like to have a place for visitors to sleep, read: come visit us! You know who you are. But not right this minute. Because currently that room is a little, shall we say, cramped? Bed, crib, two dressers, two end tables, two kid rugs, kid table and chairs set, and a rolling cart with some of Pete’s business crap, er um, stuff. We’ve been lucky to already have been gifted with some big time baby goods (shout out to Brouwers and Kalishers!) and are huge fans of hand me downs, but we clearly need a plan in place and some design direction before we wind up with an unnavigable horde-fest. Perhaps we’re waiting for the notorious nesting phase to kick in. Sarah has read countless stories of women and their whims to overhaul any and all clutter, mess and lack of organization they encounter, and yet no nesting here in Elderland. Sadly, this is one great downfall of referring to the stories of pregos past: you can’t help but think that all the same will befall you and worry needlessly when it doesn’t. So. Nesting. Will she or won’t she? Either way. We best get crackin’ on the great baby room revamp before baby actually arrives.


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