Poppa tomato says catch-up

Things have been super busy in Elderland these past couple weeks and that’s our one and only excuse for the want of words. So let’s play a little game of catch up and get keyed into to just what exactly has kept us so wrapped up…

For one, much to our delight, the world of real estate here in the central part of NC is alive and kicking. After a brief and expected hiatus for the holidays, Pete is once again busied with business, burning through days full of phone calls, emails, showings, appointments and even a rain drenched attempt to fix a client’s outdoor lights prior to inspection; yeah, he’s awesome, and anyone would be lucky to have him working for them. Now we’re certainly not nearing mogul status or anything close (relax Trump, we’re not coming for you. Yet.), but he’s working super hard to build his reputation and it’s paying off with yearly growth. Sarah’s quite proud of her enterprising entrepreneur (intentional repetition to drive the point. and it just sounds cool). Another perk of Pete’s career is that home is his office, and though he spends more and more time out and about as things pick up, he still has much freedom to set his own schedule which means more time with baby! How exciting that little Elder will get the rare benefit of plenteous Dad time. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Add to that the bonus of having in town Sarah’s mom and very soon her Grandma too, and hot damn we’re lucky.

When he’s not busting his hump for the housing market, Pete is going full speed ahead with his half ironman training. This entails, on most days, a double dose of exercise, generally a swim and run or swim and bike. A slight groin injury has kept him mellow on the runs, but that should heal up soon (please please please). The race is Saturday May 8th in White Lake, NC and consists of a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, followed by a 13.1 mile run. Gee whiz! Sarah will be there on the sidelines, 7 month belly and camera in tow, cheering her man through his amazing feat. We’re both psyched.

In Sarah’s world it’s business as usual i.e. crazy weeks at the Gallery staying on top of tons of tasks to keep the business running strong, actual running 2 – 3 times a week with her neighborhood gal pals, Mebane Woman’s Club meetings (she’s this year’s secretary!) to plan for the upcoming Mebane on the Move initiative events, book club, house cleaning, social gatherings, meal planning, groceries, laundry, budgeting, shoe shopping, blogging, oh and growing a baby. Ok, ok some of those tasks are tag teamed like meals and cleaning, but you get the point. We’re busy bees and that makes for a sporadic posting schedule. Oh and right this minute Pete is planning his practice schedule for the spring soccer season. He coaches the U7 Burn for the Mebane Youth Soccer Association. Wowza.

Needless to say, our plates are full. Which is good. Because we’re big eaters.

Coming soon: the next edition of how big is belly?? SOOO big!

PS We’re 15 weeks and little Elder is the size of a navel orange. Big bopper ultrasound is scheduled for February 9th. Could this be the big reveal??

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