13 Weeks

Why hello there second trimester. We’re pleased to meet you. Crazy to think we’re already one third of the way through this pregnancy. All is grand in Elderland, and possibly even better than before. They (you know, the books, websites, doctors, friends, relatives and even some people that barely know us) say that as you begin week 14 you head into the honeymoon trimester. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if changes are really occurring or if hearing and reading them so often affects your brain enough to make you feel they’re true, but Sarah definitely feels less fatigued and no longer gets the late afternoon blues. She’s back on coffee after a 3 – 4 week hiatus due to the icky sicky feeling it gave her which is fascinating in that caffeine in general is not a grand idea in the first trimester so it’s as if little Elder said you better quit that shit mom. Prior to pregnancy Sarah was a 2 cup a day regular consumer of only the strongest black gold and so is super pleased to have her morning treasure back. And one other thing to raise the brows – shortly after learning of little Elder and shortly before the caffeine induced nausea kicked in, the coffee maker at the Gallery broke. A sign? Perhaps. Or possibly just proof that Sarah’s boss should not be allowed to operate such a sophisticated machine.

The belly is definitely growing (lookit the snappy!) and only the lowest slung jeans in Sarah’s closet are still wearable. The weight gain (about 6-7 pounds so far) is more than welcome and the bigger the bump gets the more we smile. Pete has held off any sympathy gain which is not at all surprising with how active he is. On a side note, yesterday he registered for the White Lake Half Ironman! His first triathlon of this distance and we’ll surely post more about that as the training progresses and the event nears. It was important to him to complete such an event and we both agree that finding the time for the training will be much easier before baby. Sarah’s a wee bit jealous of his ability and ambition and finding herself craving a goal event as well, but despite the inability to shoot for anything extreme in the next year or so she has kept at the running and even hopped on the bicycle trainer a handful of times. The distances and speeds that were a regular part of Sarah’s routines are a distant memory, but just this past week some of the comfort and ease of running has come back. Also on the calendar now are weekly prenatal yoga sessions. Yoga always having been a tough one for her in that it requires patience, focus, and quiet, she’s learning to love it and thanks to Ma Deborah, will be going for at least the next 5 weeks.

On Tuesday we head back to the UNC mid-wives for a check up and hopefully to schedule the appointment for the big bopper ultrasound at which we’ll find out the sex! We can hardly wait. We will tell everyone as soon as we know, but ask not about the names as we (at least at this point) have plans to keep that to ourselves. Sorry to disappoint any of you that are pining for the opportunity to opine, but we prefer to avoid any reactions or judgments prior to the point of permanency. Once it’s on the birth certificate it’s all fair game. Tell us you love it, hate it, or just stare blankly with WTF on repeat in your head (Tebow? Quaneeshka? Jesús?). Of course, if you have any suggestions, though we will surely ignore them, we’d still like to hear them just for kicks.


8 thoughts on “13 Weeks

  1. Jen

    Uh, Sarah, you do have a “goal event” to plan and prepare for…it’s called giving birth! And although you can take pain medication, they don’t usually give it to you until you’ve already had some suffering!!!

  2. Stephan W

    So Name Suggestions are the same ones I give everybody…

    We’re hoping to see…
    1) Jon Benet Elder
    2) Artemis Elder
    3) Eldin Elder (big fans of alliteration us Weinlands… actually we’re just socially awkward – thanks for liking us anyway).

    Good luck with Tuesday! Hope to see you around the hospital sometimes soon.

  3. deej

    1. Earl
    2. Bo-ceafus (Or Beau-CePhus if you’re fancy)
    3. Pierre Buttkick
    4. Dumass (that’s “dew-moss”)
    5. Shaniqua
    6. Ah-nold
    7. Denny’s favorite: Anthony. i’ve stifled that desire with the counter that we will not pre-determine our child’s future as a mobster.

  4. Grandpa soon

    Grandpa Soon says:

    Boys name: Younger T Elder (t stands for than)
    Girls name: Ima Elder (show some respect)
    although I’ll confess “Little Elder” sounds pretty good!
    OK now I’m getting excited about it. I just got Sarahs brother off the payroll, now I can spoil somebody else!

    1. theelderedge

      We’re shocked that you would even suggest us naming our child after your most incorrigible chicken!! How dare you DaBrouwers!

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