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big snow!

In the last 24 hours, six to eight inches of snow have flurried into Mebane. This is definitely the biggest snow we’ve seen in our 4 years residing in the happiest place on Earth. Yes, that’s right, Mebane is a place on Earth, and Mebane isn’t too far away. Sometimes, I’m finding it hard to believe we’re in Mebane. So I’d really like to know, would you hold my hand if I saw you in Mebane? If not, there very well could be tears in Mebane. And we’re done.



Last week – Three Bean Dal Boom!

Monday – Barbecued Shrimp with Cheese Grits Bam!

Tuesday – Pork Chops with Maple-Mustard Sauce and Shredded Parmesan Brussels Sprouts Booyah!

We may not be iron chefs, but we sure do make some delicious dinners!

15 weeks

Check out that bump folks! Little Elder is not messing around in there. No siree bob, that youngin’ ain’t settling for a studio apartment, he/she is all about the penthouse. Plenty of room in there for our little navel orange sized baby. Yes, Sarah gets bigger by the minute and is officially out and obvious. “I see you’re expecting!” says woman that barely knows her. Well, yes ma’am I am. And a good thing or wouldn’t you feel silly?

We’ve entered a sort of cruise control stage where not much of note is happening. Sarah seems to be her normal self, expanding abdomen and voracious appetite aside. No major mood swings, fatigue, or other unfortunate symptoms to speak of in the last 2 – 3 weeks (hallelujah!). And as we mentioned previously the next big milestone is the ultrasound on 2/9. Until then we’ll gladly sit back and enjoy some calm and normalcy. As long as we keep her fed. Otherwise back off. You’ve been warned. That should be a villain in a comic book. Run for your lives! It’s Hungry Prego! AHHHHHH.

One thing we might should start to at least consider is what we’re going to do with the baby room (we prefer this to nursery. because nursery sounds like there should be a bundle of little babies there. or plants). Our home currently has two bedrooms, both of good size, and the second will double as a guest room and baby room. It’s plenty big enough for this and we like to have a place for visitors to sleep, read: come visit us! You know who you are. But not right this minute. Because currently that room is a little, shall we say, cramped? Bed, crib, two dressers, two end tables, two kid rugs, kid table and chairs set, and a rolling cart with some of Pete’s business crap, er um, stuff. We’ve been lucky to already have been gifted with some big time baby goods (shout out to Brouwers and Kalishers!) and are huge fans of hand me downs, but we clearly need a plan in place and some design direction before we wind up with an unnavigable horde-fest. Perhaps we’re waiting for the notorious nesting phase to kick in. Sarah has read countless stories of women and their whims to overhaul any and all clutter, mess and lack of organization they encounter, and yet no nesting here in Elderland. Sadly, this is one great downfall of referring to the stories of pregos past: you can’t help but think that all the same will befall you and worry needlessly when it doesn’t. So. Nesting. Will she or won’t she? Either way. We best get crackin’ on the great baby room revamp before baby actually arrives.

Poppa tomato says catch-up

Things have been super busy in Elderland these past couple weeks and that’s our one and only excuse for the want of words. So let’s play a little game of catch up and get keyed into to just what exactly has kept us so wrapped up…

For one, much to our delight, the world of real estate here in the central part of NC is alive and kicking. After a brief and expected hiatus for the holidays, Pete is once again busied with business, burning through days full of phone calls, emails, showings, appointments and even a rain drenched attempt to fix a client’s outdoor lights prior to inspection; yeah, he’s awesome, and anyone would be lucky to have him working for them. Now we’re certainly not nearing mogul status or anything close (relax Trump, we’re not coming for you. Yet.), but he’s working super hard to build his reputation and it’s paying off with yearly growth. Sarah’s quite proud of her enterprising entrepreneur (intentional repetition to drive the point. and it just sounds cool). Another perk of Pete’s career is that home is his office, and though he spends more and more time out and about as things pick up, he still has much freedom to set his own schedule which means more time with baby! How exciting that little Elder will get the rare benefit of plenteous Dad time. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Add to that the bonus of having in town Sarah’s mom and very soon her Grandma too, and hot damn we’re lucky.

When he’s not busting his hump for the housing market, Pete is going full speed ahead with his half ironman training. This entails, on most days, a double dose of exercise, generally a swim and run or swim and bike. A slight groin injury has kept him mellow on the runs, but that should heal up soon (please please please). The race is Saturday May 8th in White Lake, NC and consists of a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride, followed by a 13.1 mile run. Gee whiz! Sarah will be there on the sidelines, 7 month belly and camera in tow, cheering her man through his amazing feat. We’re both psyched.

In Sarah’s world it’s business as usual i.e. crazy weeks at the Gallery staying on top of tons of tasks to keep the business running strong, actual running 2 – 3 times a week with her neighborhood gal pals, Mebane Woman’s Club meetings (she’s this year’s secretary!) to plan for the upcoming Mebane on the Move initiative events, book club, house cleaning, social gatherings, meal planning, groceries, laundry, budgeting, shoe shopping, blogging, oh and growing a baby. Ok, ok some of those tasks are tag teamed like meals and cleaning, but you get the point. We’re busy bees and that makes for a sporadic posting schedule. Oh and right this minute Pete is planning his practice schedule for the spring soccer season. He coaches the U7 Burn for the Mebane Youth Soccer Association. Wowza.

Needless to say, our plates are full. Which is good. Because we’re big eaters.

Coming soon: the next edition of how big is belly?? SOOO big!

PS We’re 15 weeks and little Elder is the size of a navel orange. Big bopper ultrasound is scheduled for February 9th. Could this be the big reveal??

13 Weeks

Why hello there second trimester. We’re pleased to meet you. Crazy to think we’re already one third of the way through this pregnancy. All is grand in Elderland, and possibly even better than before. They (you know, the books, websites, doctors, friends, relatives and even some people that barely know us) say that as you begin week 14 you head into the honeymoon trimester. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if changes are really occurring or if hearing and reading them so often affects your brain enough to make you feel they’re true, but Sarah definitely feels less fatigued and no longer gets the late afternoon blues. She’s back on coffee after a 3 – 4 week hiatus due to the icky sicky feeling it gave her which is fascinating in that caffeine in general is not a grand idea in the first trimester so it’s as if little Elder said you better quit that shit mom. Prior to pregnancy Sarah was a 2 cup a day regular consumer of only the strongest black gold and so is super pleased to have her morning treasure back. And one other thing to raise the brows – shortly after learning of little Elder and shortly before the caffeine induced nausea kicked in, the coffee maker at the Gallery broke. A sign? Perhaps. Or possibly just proof that Sarah’s boss should not be allowed to operate such a sophisticated machine.

The belly is definitely growing (lookit the snappy!) and only the lowest slung jeans in Sarah’s closet are still wearable. The weight gain (about 6-7 pounds so far) is more than welcome and the bigger the bump gets the more we smile. Pete has held off any sympathy gain which is not at all surprising with how active he is. On a side note, yesterday he registered for the White Lake Half Ironman! His first triathlon of this distance and we’ll surely post more about that as the training progresses and the event nears. It was important to him to complete such an event and we both agree that finding the time for the training will be much easier before baby. Sarah’s a wee bit jealous of his ability and ambition and finding herself craving a goal event as well, but despite the inability to shoot for anything extreme in the next year or so she has kept at the running and even hopped on the bicycle trainer a handful of times. The distances and speeds that were a regular part of Sarah’s routines are a distant memory, but just this past week some of the comfort and ease of running has come back. Also on the calendar now are weekly prenatal yoga sessions. Yoga always having been a tough one for her in that it requires patience, focus, and quiet, she’s learning to love it and thanks to Ma Deborah, will be going for at least the next 5 weeks.

On Tuesday we head back to the UNC mid-wives for a check up and hopefully to schedule the appointment for the big bopper ultrasound at which we’ll find out the sex! We can hardly wait. We will tell everyone as soon as we know, but ask not about the names as we (at least at this point) have plans to keep that to ourselves. Sorry to disappoint any of you that are pining for the opportunity to opine, but we prefer to avoid any reactions or judgments prior to the point of permanency. Once it’s on the birth certificate it’s all fair game. Tell us you love it, hate it, or just stare blankly with WTF on repeat in your head (Tebow? Quaneeshka? Jesús?). Of course, if you have any suggestions, though we will surely ignore them, we’d still like to hear them just for kicks.

What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

From my lack of food posts you’d think not much, but you’re wrong! Yes that’s right, even though we’re not sharing it with the world we are still actually eating dinner every night. However, things have been a bit less exciting these past couple months for two main reasons: 1. the holidays always throw crazy wrenches into the eating routine and 2. Sarah’s baby baking belly has kept her exhausted. Alas, the holidays are finito and today we are 13 weeks pregnant (look for belly blog two this weekend!) i.e. in our second trimester i.e. Sarah doesn’t feel like she ran a marathon everyday and almost pass out on her desk by 4 pm. We’re psyched to get back in the habit of exercising our gastronomical genius and plan to post more regularly about our kitchen adventures.

Last night we made sweet potato and spinach pasta with crumbled goat cheese and toasted walnuts. Yeah baby! We picked up the sweet potatoes last Saturday at the Eno River Farmers’ Market where the wicked wintry winds were whipping through the stalls at a mere 31 mph. Fresh local food is totally worth it! Here’s a snappy:

Funny. Just noticed how very similar this dish looks to the last one we posted. But indeed the flavors were entirely different! Really. And well, it’s winter, so sweet potatoes abound. And kale. Man oh man are we done with kale. That is possibly the one and only negative thing about tending our own garden: the surfeit of veggies like banana peppers, yellow squash and kale that we will undoubtedly tire of long before the production has stopped. But that’s what friends are for! Consuming your undesirables.

Here are a few other recent recipes we recommend:

Meyer’s Lemony Broccoli and Chickpea Rigatoni – though quite the monochromatic dish (green broccoli aside, the whole wheat noodles, chickpeas and fresh grated parm hardly provide a pretty palette worthy of a picture) this was stupid good. Clean and delicious. Ate leftovers for lunch two days in a row.

Mustard Baked Chicken with a Pretzel Crust – guess what we served on the side? Smashed sweet potatoes!

Pear, Walnut & Gorgonzola Pizza – Ok. So. We made this a long while back. Maybe a year ago? And both of us loved it. Plus, a pear, walnut and gorgonzola salad with homemade dressing is divine. This time however, Sarah almost vomited. As it turns out, the one consistent aversion she has had during this pregnancy is any type of stinky cheese in a heated state. One morning Pete made omelets with stilton. The one bite Sarah took was hastily spat into the trash. That was at least three months ago and somehow forgotten until she sunk her chompers into this pizza and once again felt instantly ill. The smell alone will send her running. We hope this goes away one day as this pizza truly is scrumptious. At least one of us enjoyed it this time and it wasn’t wasted!

Curried Split Pea Soup – easy peasy and yummy in the tummy!

The weekend is just moments away and with it comes meal planning and grocery shopping so stay tuned next week for at least one mouthwatering tale of tongue teasing titillation.