11 weeks

11 weeks

We’re fairly sure at this point most everyone has heard the news…there’s a little Elder growing in Sarah’s belly! As of Christmas day we are 11 weeks along and Sarah already has a happy little bump to show off. Baby Elder is due in mid July, a fabulous month already full of important birthdays including Grandma Joyce, Uncle John, Aunt Martha, several of our Mebane pals, Will Ferrell and the Dalai Lama. This kid is destined for greatness! July also means that Sarah won’t have to be huge and waddly in the hottest time of the year, and little Elder’s birthday parties will sport all sorts of summery stunts like slip ‘n slide!

Yes we’re finally pregnant. Not that we tried for a super long time (it took all of six weeks to get this Fertile Myrtle knocked up), no-no, the word finally plays more to the fact that some folks in our immediate families have likely been hoping for an NC Elder youngin’ since we said I do and that’s fine by us because that means this little Elder will get oodles of love and attention and if he/she is anything like Sarah he/she won’t mind one bit. (PS As we’re sure many of you are wondering, we do plan to find out the sex, mostly because writing he/she is annoying.)

The night of November 6th Sarah had a vivid dream in which she recieved a positive result from a pregnancy test, so when she awoke the next morning she jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. That sucker beamed a baby blue plus sign within seconds and it was all she could do not to squeal. Time to tell Pete, but first a quick hangover check for Friday night involved more than one drink with the boys. Feeling ok? Yes? WOOOO! Jumped into the bed and held up the little stick. Once he focused his eyes and grasped the significance it was all smiles and hugs. Later that evening was when Pete’s grandfather passed, so needless to say it was an emotional weekend.

Since then things have progressed swimmingly. There’s been not a bit of morning sickness, only a new level of fatigue that Sarah has never before experienced and an early emotional breakdown that involved a sweet potato’s collision with the wall and no less than 30 minutes of sobbing, peeler in hand. We’ve had two appointments including one little ultrasound during which we saw the little bean and his/her beating heart! What a crazy thing to have a life inside you. It pulls on so many feelings and emotions, not all of which are glowing and joyous; we’d be lying through our teeth if we said there was never a moment of holy shit what are we doing? But those thoughts are rare and more than outnumbered by the giddy rush of just how amazingly awesome this adventure is and will be.


One thought on “11 weeks

  1. Courtney ELder

    You are so cute. Love this post, glad to get a glimpse into the story behind baby #1…. Can’t wait to find out what he/she is.


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