Bleeding Orange and Blue

It’s hard to believe that just one short week ago we were back in Gainesville among thousands of our fellow Gators smiling, laughing, celebrating the ass-kicking we were delivering to FSU and looking ahead to the possibility of a third national title in 4 years. Now here we are, the Sunday after a grueling defeat during which we watched what was surely a pack of junior varsity high school stand-in’s because the fine skill our boys had brought to the field every Saturday in the regular season was a fading memory against Alabama yesterday.

Yes that’s right, last night was the uber important SEC championship game and the gators lost. No, not just lost, we crumbled and stumbled and fell apart as our ass was handed to us in every aspect of the game by the same Alabama Crimson Tide that barely beat the 7-5 Tennesse Vols and struggled just last week against the 7-5 Auburn Tigers. Gators across the nation were stunned and our many, many haters (because when you’re generally awesome and amazing for a long time you’re bound to be despised by every fan of every crappy team in the NCAA) united in a force of interweb mocking, most notably on Facebook where they proceeded to post dig after dig at Tebow for crying on the field and let loose an all out blitz of comments tearing us apart. Ahhhh the joys of college football fandom. Pete of course could not stand idly by as his “friends” partook in this assailment and has spent much of the morning in a battle of wit and smack talk. Exhibit A (please note that this was as of, oh about 10 minutes ago, and has since gone on):

Needless to say, it is damn hard to be a Gator fan, but the rush and excitement of the good times are more than worth the disappointment and heartbreak of the bad. We had a fantastic season, we’ll go to a bowl game, and next year we’ll cheer and cringe and smile and shudder as we watch Brantley and the many other young players struggle to find their way and grow into another solid, dominating UF team. Because weeeee are a part of the Gator Nation. Gators of the world unite!


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