Last week in Elderland was all about movies and modest money saving meals. Since it took almost the entire week to settle nicely back into normalcy after our separate adventures to the foreign lands of Tennessee and Texas, we certainly did not have motivation or energy to shop for groceries and plan dinners, let alone actually conjure our kitchen creativity. Also, with our pending Thanksgiving adventure which will take us to far away places like Valdosta, GA and Palmetto, FL, we did our best to put to use our well developed skills in frugality. Sifting through the pantry dregs we managed to throw together pasta for Tuesday, had leftovers Wednesday, and pulled out the ol’ breakfast for dinner trick on Thursday (blueberry pancakes are yumtastic no matter what time of day you eat them). Friday brought a spontaneous trip to the our local Mexicali fave La Fiesta with our pals the Martinies, on Saturday mom bought us pizza (thanks, Ma!!), and Sunday night was burgers at the Brouwers (with local ground beef from Smith Angus Farm bestowed upon Sarah by her buddy at the South Estes Farmers’ Market). Of course there were a few random trips to the store for essentials like peanut butter, but all in all we’d say our week of scrimpage was successful. Now we just have to make it through two more days and then it’s road trippin’ time!

And about those movies. We love movies. All kinds of movies. We’re also rather picky, which is not to say we won’t give most anything a chance, but we have many a time turned a movie off after as little as 10 minutes, and several of the flicks we make it all the way through go down on the crap list. With our unorthodox dinner deal came some extra TV time, so in place of catching up on episodes of our fave shows (The Office, Glee, 30 Rock, Community to name a few) we watched not one, not two, but THREE movies last week.

First was an indie flick called Sex and Breakfast. This film was about two young couples facing different challenges in their sex lives and their decisions to participate in a sort of swingers program lead by a creepy old lady. Sounds brilliant, eh?! Well, it was mediocre, but intriguing enough to go all the way (pun intended). The strangest part was that one of the male leads was played by McCaulay Culkin who looks barely a year older than he did in the last installment of Home Alone and really just shouldn’t be having sex. At least not for public viewing. We gave it a C.

Next came Donnie Darko. Surprisingly neither of us had seen this cult classic and it has been sitting in the queue for at least a year. Super cast, fantastic film. A.

Finally, The Goods. Perhaps our expectations were too high for this comedy. With Jeremy Piven, who has been tickling our funny bone since PCU and is arguably the star of HBO’s Entourage, leading a kick ass line-up of comedians including Ed Helms, who with The Hangover proved his worth well beyond The Office (as if that wasn’t enough), we thought for sure at least a solid laugh fest was to come, and would gladly have taken that over a solid plot. Sadly no. Mostly lame, with a few abbreviated giggles. C-.

Today is Monday and it’s raining in central NC once again. Blerg. But it’s a short week and with Thursday comes the joys of gluttony and 24/7 family! Hooray!


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