t-minus 9 hours…

The last time we saw each other was early Wednesday morning. Sadly, Pete’s grandfather “Big Daddy” passed away on Saturday the 7th. Pete was close with Big Daddy and has a wealth of wonderful memories of him, some of which he has shared with Sarah who unfortunately never got to meet him. Pete visited Big Daddy back in May and spent some great quality time with him just hanging out at his house and talking. The funeral was Thursday evening. It was not only a good-bye to Big Daddy but also a rare opportunity for many of the members of Pete’s family on mom’s side to get together and catch up on each other’s lives. Tears and laughter were shared by all and promises made to reunite sooner rather than later. Rest in peace William Humbert Robertson.

Due to a previously planned trip to San Antonio to visit dad and James, Sarah was unable to attend the funeral. We had a lovely breakfast at home on Wednesday, said our good-byes and headed in our separate directions. Sarah left early Friday morning and Pete returned to Mebane Friday evening. Prior to now, there has been only one other time that we’ve been apart this long and that was less than a year after we started dating: 2002! Needless to say, we are VERY excited to see each other tonight. And then promptly head to bed as it will be close to 11 pm and 6 am Tuesday will come all too fast. Four day weeks after two days off are generally chaotic. And of course next week brings a gobbletastic trip to Florida for family Thanksgiving and a much anticipated introduction to our adorable new nephew Grayson (touching birth story here). Tis that time of too little time and teeming tasks. Whee.


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