DJ Chop presents…

Recipe mash-up! Do you ever find yourself facing the dinner hour without a plan at which point your husband (or wife) unknowingly inquires about tonight’s menu sending a spasm of worry (and quite likely irritation) through your body as you rack your brain and scan your kitchen for inspiration? Fear not! You too can master the art of recipe mash-up! In these instances you surely do not have all the proper ingredients to complete one recipe (unless of course the term recipe is defined in your house as “what they put on the back of the hamburger helper box.” we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with that. even though there clearly is. we’re just not the ones who said it.) Stop your dinner distress dead in its tracks by finding not one, but two or maybe even three (CRAZY) recipes. Take bits and bites from each one based on the ingredients you have on hand and surprise yourself with an all new concoction of great culinary caliber. This takes a bit of practice, and may not always have a happy ending, but those times when it does are well worth the fun. Note from Captain Obvious: recipes should probably share a theme i.e. Asian or Southern. A mash-up of Indian spiced chickpeas and Shrimp and Grits would perhaps be a bad idea.

Last night we took:

Spicy Peanut Noodles and Sweet Potato Thai Curry and Thai Chicken with Green Beans

and made:



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