Sunday is funday and absolutely our favorite day. Even when Sunday means getting our scrub on and vacuuming with a vengeance, at the very least it means breakfast and coffee together which during the crazy work week is all but impossible. After Sarah’s cold morning run we got busy in the kitchen. Cooking of course. Today’s breakfast consisted of herbed goat cheese omelets and belgian waffles with peanut butter and bananas. Peanut butter is an integral part of any breakfast in the Elder household and is enjoyed atop english muffins, toast, pancakes, and waffles. Throw on some sliced bananas and a drizzle of pure maple syrup, wash it down with strong black coffee, and like omg can it be Sunday everyday? Of course not, because then it would never be Saturday and that’s when the Gators play.

Middle Sunday is time to be productive. Pete changed the oil on both cars and rotated the Civic tires (he is stupendously handy) then rode his bicycle 42 miles, and Sarah went to Costco to buy a gallon of hummus, 48 granola bars and bulk nuts. Grocery shopping, check! That should get us through a week. And we all know what Costco on the weekend means…SAMPLES! See? Sunday = Funday.

But really. We like to eat. And we eat good. Like really good. Because our meals are made with love (and recipes). Just about two years ago our weekly menu was nothing short of monotonous and utterly uninspiring. We’ve since opened our minds (and bellys) to a whole new world of eating. That’s not to say that we were ever afraid to try new things. Just lazy. We made some great foodie friends, took an active interest in localism and started throwing a few surprises into the weekly line-up. Now we make new recipes every week and are even toeing the line between recipe followers and impromptu kitchen gurus (ok, that line’s a bit on the wide side, but we have big toes). So we think part of this blog should be about what we made for dinner. Tonight: Kale and White-Bean Stew from Food and Wine. We added chicken-apple sausage (also from Costco) and it was delightful. And the best part? The kale was grown at the Mebane Community Garden, most of it at our plot. Yep. We’re fancypants farmers. To the extent that you can be with a 16×4 plot . It’s super exciting to make meals with stuff you grew. Maybe one day the novelty will wear off, but it will always save money, always be uber local, and always taste super great.

Sleepy time.


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  1. Esteban Weinland

    “It was great, I loved it, I’m going to read it again and again, much better than cats”


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