You must be this tall…

Come one, come all to Elderland! This here is our fancy new blog. A veritable deluge of the ever fascinating minutiae that is the life of the NC Elders (not to be confused with the FL Elders who though equally fascinating are clearly not as awesome for the simple fact that they reside in FL and not NC, a fact that we will tirelessly strive to upend and rewrite despite the stolid efforts of said FL’ers to stay firmly planted ever so far from our beautiful state in that often sunny and interminably humid flatland. Loves you guys!). We know not what this messy mélange will mold into and feel confident that it could forever remain a nonsensical explosion of quotidian ramblings, but we can promise, at the very least, that our readers will learn all about who we are, what we do, where we go, and all the things we love and hate.

One thing you’ll likely notice immediately (assuming we are even remotely successful and keeping this updated) is that we are what we like to call uberdoers. An uberdoer is a person that clearly has way too much on their plate, but has become so addicted to schedule gluttony that they keep returning to the buffet because maybe they didn’t see the delightful corn-syrup laden spongy mound of sugar that is strawberry shortcake on their first trip. Multi-tasking is key. Example: while typing this post I am also cooking dinner, checking the laundry, tweaking the tunes, and texting a friend. This generally works out okay, but in certain instances (i.e. 2 minutes ago) things take a little detour from the happy land of doing and wind up in the dangerous land of disaster (I maybe failed to realize that the pot handle was hella hot from being right over the burner and maybe burned my hand.) Reader: “If you’re so busy, why are you starting a blog?” Us: “Because it tastes good.” (see buffet analogy).

Anyhoo. Here we are. We’ll do our best to stay current and keep you entertained. Drop in as often as you like, and be sure to leave comments galore. Nobody likes a lurker. Y’all come back now!


2 thoughts on “You must be this tall…

  1. ElderMama_FL

    I love the blog and the shout out…you almost have me sold on moving after experiencing 80 degree humidity in November this week.

    You missing your hubby like me?


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